Biquad Antenna for 4G Router

Introduction: Biquad Antenna for 4G Router

Make yourself homemade 4G biquad antenna made from a cake pan plus plant drip tray.


Cake pan 15 inch / 35 cm diameter
pvc pipe
copper wire
cable ties
sma connector plus cable

Step 1: Make Antenna

Create youre antenna calculated for youre 4g frequenty
There are several online calculators (google it) or use this one,

Bend youre antenna and solder both wire`s, one on each middle side (left right does not matter)

Step 2: Measure Out and Drill Holes

Size of drill depends on the size of pvc u use..

Step 3: Cut Pvc Pipe to Size (height Obtained From Calculator)

Take cable tie through hole inside pvc pipe place over copper wire, back through hole and fasten.

Step 4: Take Drip Leak Tray and Close

Place drip leak tray over antenna and glue together.

Step 5: DONE!

As you can see there is a significant change in the signal.

As my router is mimo (dual antenna) i have made 2 antenna`s
Goodluck if you are making one and i hope you increase youre signal!

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    Question 2 years ago

    Is this an omni directional or directional antenna? Thanks