Introduction: Birchmond Park- RCT3

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Well, here is my fourth park! My expectations on this one was to make a small, but very detailed,indoor water park. At the end, I decided to create tall mountains covered with pines. And as you can see, they are covered with snow! This park was actually supposed to have mountains en-closing it from distant civilizations- but I decided not to do so. This park did turn out the way I wanted it to, and this will always probably be my most favorite water park that I have created!
So, This is how I planned my park out. I divided it into two sections, each section having its own building colors, and its own different height. I also planned out where the pools, slides, and shops were to go.I drew the basic plan on paper, which actually took me ten minutes to do.My drawing was rather in-accurate, and I didn't draw it on graph paper.I made modifications to my drawing as I built the park.
When you walk in, you confront six custom stalls,and the main entrance of the park. This is the only way to go.Once you walk in, there are three changing rooms and another path to go have some food, or go around the whole building.If you go into the pool, there are three things you can do. You can swim, go out the rear of the building, or take the upper walk way.If you go on the walk way, you can go down the speed slides,go to the wave pool, or go to the sun lounge(and if you go down the slides,you will end up in the lower pool and probably get separated from the rest of your group).If you go to the rear of the building, you can either go on the two flat-rides, or go down to the lower level. And it's your choice, you can either take an elevator or the stairs!
When you take the elevator, you have to maneuver your way through a small hall way, which leads to the cafe. You can also get to the cafe by the stairs, but there is another way to go.This way leads you down a path that goes under the water fall, and then to a building that has bumper boats, on the lake. The cafe has twenty-four stalls, each containing some kind of food, drink, or dessert. There are bathrooms in the back of the cafe.If you go up a short flight of stairs,you can either take a path that goes around the cafe and back to the stairs, or go to the elegant eating place with an inside and outside place. This also leads to a path that goes around the lower pool, which also leads off the cafe.This pool contains diving platforms, four slides, and two speed slides that I have already explained.