Introduction: Bird Feeder Bird

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Make a bird to feed your birds! Inspired by the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill calling out in droves to wake me in the morning, I made a parrot to feed them.
Using bread as a base and peanut butter as the glue, I covered this bird in seeds that parrots like best. Find out what your local birds like to eat from a pet shop, and attract them to your yard!

Step 1: Materials

  • bird seed
  • peanut butter
  • bread dough
  • coat hanger or other heavy gauge wire
  • baking sheet
  • dowel (opt)

Step 2: Prepare Base

  • Shape your wire/coat hanger into desired armature. It wants to be big enough and go through enough of the dough that it won't just slip right out once it's done and laden with seeds.
  • Shape your dough around the armature to resemble your finished shape. In this case, I left wire below the dough as well which turned out to be a good idea, since I needed to add a "perch."

Step 3: Bake

  • Bake bread according to package directions.

Mine came out way over-cooked since, as it turns out, my oven heats up to about 100 o higher than it reads (see corn bread).

  • If applicable, attach perch. This is way easier to do now than it will be when it's covered with seeds. Wrap wire around dowel or other handy device.
  • Check the balance and adjust hanger as necessary.

Step 4: Cover That Bird

  • Slather both sides of feeder with peanut butter
  • Pour seeds on and pat to set in place
  • You're done!

Step 5: Hang

Think of a good place to hang your feeder where the birds you want to attract will be able find it.

I didn't think I'd be able to lure the parrots away from their local hangouts to fly by my apartment. Since I see them mostly when I'm near the top of Telegraph Hill, I chose the Fillbert Steps as my locale. (added bonus - lots of tourist foot traffic to witness my art!)

Check back often to see if you need a refill. If they get too hungry, they can always eat the bread too. Then you'll have the perfect reason to make another!