Introduction: Bird Feeder From Trash

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This is a bird feeder basically made form trash, simple to build and cost nothing. I have made alot fo these they have lasted a very harsh winter and many squirrel attacks.


Plastic Bottle
(used juice or pop bottle any plastic bottle will do)
Plastic Food Container
(Used food container, you get this as togo containers you need the lid too)
(gorilla Glue is awesome i fully support this product)
or  One Screw
Coat hanger
(or string or anything you could use to hang it)
A pair of sharp scissors or a knife 

Step 2: Step One: Cut Some Holes

First cut some square holes around the top of the bottle, three should do it.
Then poke a hole into the bottom of the bottle and through the center of the of the lid of the food container
(this is for hanging it up)
then a ring of holes around the bottom of the bottom of the plastic food container
(these are to drain water from the bird feeder)

Step 3: Step Two: Glue Some Stuff

Now Glue the cap from the plastic bottle to the bottom center of the plastic food container
and glue the lid of the plastic food container to the bottom of the plastic bottle
if the glue does not hold or your dont have any use a screw

Step 4: Step Three: Hang It Up

After letting the glue dry at least a couple of hours over night is better.
Take the coat hanger and bend the hook part and put to through the two holes in the lid of the food container and the bottom of the plastic bottle. This is to hang it up.
  Then fill it with bird seed and hang it in a tree.

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