Introduction: Bird Feeder: Offer Cosiness to Birds

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Are humans responsible? In this present world, humans have become more ambitious for their coziness. Animals, birds, and even flora have undergone the malice of humans. For instance, the magnificent and gorgeous bird on the earth, The Peacock is assassinated for its stunning feathers and, in context, many incidents can be quoted on bird mortality. Now, mankind must shower drops of importance for our feathered friend.

Tune in with this instructable to get apprised through the ways by which one can deliver the essentials of life i.e. food-water and weigh in to embellish this mother Earth. In addition, this project will fill your life with peaceful bird music. And I bet that it feels hassle-free when such euphonious sounds are heard.

It’s easy to pile up kinds of stuff for this project. All you need is enthusiasm, which I guess all of us have.

Peek below for supplies

1) Watermelon (We’ll require the two sides)

2) Rope [(Probably, a jute one!)(3 pieces of 32 cm/12.59 inches each]

3) Toothpicks

4) Any sharp object (Precaution: Handle it carefully)

5) Bird food mix

6) A spoon

7) Water

8) Tape

9) Pliers


Step 1: Get Started...

This feeder requires a container. Rather than using a plastic one, we can naturally acquire them. For I have used watermelon sides, you can come up with a lemon or an orange or any other melon. Compared to a lemon, a watermelon’s shell is sturdy and stable. Decomposition of the soft inner coat of watermelon will leave out the resilient outer body which is even water-proof. I used a smaller one and a larger one for imparting food and water respectively.

Later, using a spoon I scooped out the inner fibers leaving the outer covering. Use any spikey stuff (handle it carefully) to make holes (Like the edges of the triangle) on the shell, crafting space for the rope to pass.

Take the two ends of the rope (measuring 12.59 inches: 32 cm), and pass it through one of the holes. Remember, one end should measure more than the other. You have to tie a Lark's head knot on the hole. Knot it on all three sides and stick the suspended short rope ends below the shell.

In the end, using a rubber band or the rope instead, join all the three long ends at the top, being a junction at which the feeder is gonna be tied.

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Step 2: Stepping Ahead: the Second Shell

Take the second shell. This is gonna be storing water. Take some toothpicks and sting it in on the shell but don’t amputate it, once stabbed. Use a plier to cut out the portion of the toothpick which linger in the interior of the shell.

Do the same for the previous shell.

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Step 3: Tie the Two!

Once both the shells i.e. bowls are made, it’s essential to tie them. Take 4 rope pieces of 17 cm each. As by this time we have positioned the toothpicks on the shell, we can attach both of them using ropes. In this case, overhand knots will be used.

Remember the knots will be tied on the toothpicks.

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Step 4: Prepare the Bird Seed Mix

Nutrients are essential to life and health. They provide energy and substances necessary to regulate chemical processes. Not only humans but both flora and fauna entail proper nutrients to thrive. Thus, electing food for them turns out to be crucial.

During this pandemic, it’s hard to approach the mart for buying items. Given below is the list of some common basic food items which offer nutrients and is good in taste which can be prepared at home.

1) Peanuts

2) Sunflower seeds

3) White/Pearl millet

4) Corns

5) Wheat

6) Raisins

Mixture of these food items will surely cherish our feathered friend!

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Step 5: Hang It Up!

Pour water and birdseed mix in their containers/shells and tie them where birds can enjoy the treat. You can modify according to your creativity and once done let the instructable family and I be known.

If one is puzzled or facing stumbling blocks, one is free to post questions/comments regarding this project or can mail me.

Rendez-vous bientôt! (See you soon!)

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