Introduction: Bird Feeder Photo Port

Here is a bird feeder photo port used to take photos of birds. This one is mounted on a deck rail but a longer pipe can be used to install it in the middle of your yard or garden. The goal is to provide a clear view from a window or door so you can take some great pictures.

Step 1:

See the PDF file for a drawing of the feeder.

I used 3/4 inch thick by 3-1/2 inch wide treated wood to make this feeder. You can use other woods that will stand up to the weather. You could also paint it to protect it.


I used three 6 foot long 3/4" x 3-1/2" weather treated boards.

Zinc treated screws

Brad Nails

Construction Glue

2 Plumbing Pipe Floor Flanges

Short section of pipe threaded on both ends.

Pipe size determined by how tall you want it to stand. I would use 1-1/4" if I had an
8 foot free standing bird feeder.

Tools Link            

Craftsman Table Saw

Craftsman Miter Saw

Craftsman 19.2 Cordless Drill

Step 2: Cutting Wood

I had to rip my wood down to 3-1/2 inches for the main body of the feeder and down to 2 inches for the trim pieces around the outside. I used a miter saw to cut the pieces to length. The four outside pieces required 45 degree angles to be cut to the correct length. I set the pieces out in the shape of a stop sign and placed the two bottom boards on the top. I then used  an air brad nailer to fasten everything together. I also used screws from the top down for added strength.

Step 3: Outside Trim and Pipe Flange Mount Installation.

The out side trim pieces are installed to form a 1/2 inch lip to prevent seed from being scratched off the surface. It takes time to install the outside trim pieces because the length is critical to having tight gaps.

The pipe floor flange is mounted in the center with zinc coated wood screws.

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