Bird Feeding Station

Introduction: Bird Feeding Station

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A fun project for the garden.  An old soup bowl for the birds.

Step 1: Supplies

I bought two 2' sections of 1/2" PVC.  I would have preferred copper  but the cost rose to four times the PVC.  Being basically cheap... which is why I come to instructables in the first place I went with the plastic.  Which also explains why I didn't buy one entire length of PVC.  You also see a 1/2" thread adapter and a coupler for joining the two pieces of pipe.  I had a can of the Plastic adhereing spray paint that works well on PVC.  A 1/2" galvanized floor flange and a soup bowl from my local thrift store.  I'd originally planned a tea cup but the flange fit perfectly in the bottom of this bowl and I liked the two handles... hope the birds do too.  Total cost is under $10 if I don't count the paint I had on hand.  It runs about $4.50 a can and you can refurbish your ubiquitous plastic patio chairs as well.

Step 2: Assembly

I cut an angle on one end of the pipe to make insertion in the ground easier.  For those of you who insist on specific measurements it looks like 30%... maybe not..  Then assemble using your favoite method to join PVC.  I had some solvent made for plastic.  Don't put the threaded adapter on the pipe cut with the angle or you'll end up with a bird feeder about 18" off the ground.  To attach the flange to the bowl I used a silicone sealant.  Let all parts dry.

Step 3: Painting

The plastic paint covers the manufacturers printing completely and the green I had on hand will blend well with the garden setting.  Tada!  Now my feathered friends may bathe and eat in relative safety from my two cats.

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