Easy Bird Feeder

Introduction: Easy Bird Feeder

Now a days due to heavy summer we all are suffering this way or that way, but more than us humans, summer is troublesome for the birds. They face hard time collecting their food. Many birds get paralysed by sunstroke. thus to solve this problem this DIY Bird Grain Feeder is helpful to them.

Step 1: Required Components

we need this things

1) Plastic Plate

2) Plastic Jar

3) Screw Driver

4) Screw

5) Thick Metal Wire

6) Scissor

7) Plier

8) Cutter

Step 2: Outlet for Grains

Make a small cut to the plastic jar using cutter. This will serve as outlet for the grains.

Step 3: Sticking Jar With Plate

1) Make a small hole at the center of bottom of the Jar.

2) Make a small hole in the Plate (preferably away from the center).Coincide both the holes (in Jar and in Plate) then attach them with screw (You can also use Hot Glue to stick them).

Step 4: Now for Hanging Purpose

1) Make a small hole to the jar lid at the center.

2) Bend a metal wire and then pass it through the hole as shown in picture.

Step 5: Your Bird Grain Feeder Is Ready Now!!

Step 6: Our Another Bird Grain Feeder

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    3 years ago

    If you hang several you can experiment with different heights--it may attract different birds. Different foods may attract different birds.