Introduction: Bird House Garden

Everything you need to build your own birdhouse garden.


Shop Bot, Pencil, and T-Square, Tape measure, 2ftx4ft sheet of plywood, Nail gun, Inch nails for the nail gun, Adobe illustrator, Cardboard, Hot glue.

Step 1: Making Prototype Pieces

First we cut 2 Rectangles that is 6in by 15in . Then we cut 2 15in by 10in pieces. Next we cut 2 6in by 15 piece and when you get to 10 inches you'll make the top come to a point.

Step 2: Putting Prototype Pieces Together

Your going to glue all your pieces together with hot glue with your bottom being the 6x15 and on the long side put the 15x10 pieces. Next put the 2 6x15 pieces with the angle/triangle point at the front and back and make sure the front has the hole. Then put the other 6x15 in the middle so you can keep the birdhouse and garden separate.

Step 3: Budgeting

The things you need are 1/2-in Maple Plywood, Application as 2 X 4, LOCTITE Power Grab White Interior Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive (Actual Net Contents: 9-fl oz) and Bostitch 1-in 18-Gauge Pneumatic Finish Nails (1000-Count). This all adds up to $33.94.

Step 4: Inventor File

Next we made an inventor file with the exact dimensions of the prototype. This helps show what the final product will look like.

Step 5: Adobe Illustrator and Drawling Out Dimensions

Make an Adobe Illustrator file with the exact dimensions and translate that onto the wood. The Pieces are the same size as the prototype and the sheet of plywood to get is 2ftx4ft and 5in thick.

Step 6: Shop Bot

We used the shop bot and put our AI file in it then calibrated it. You'll have to measure your thickness of your wood with a dial caliper. Once it's ready you hit go and it will cut it out of your pieces.

Step 7: Nailing Pieces Together

We put the middle piece about 8 inches off the bottom and nailed the 10x15 to the side and nailed the pieces with the triangle point to the front and back just like the prototype.

Step 8: Adding Caulk

Add Caulk for insulation and keep everything in on the edges.

Step 9: Finished Product

This will be your finished product when everything is done.