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Introduction: Bird Incubator

To raise a bird from an egg then you need to make sure it's getting all the things it needs, in this incubator Instructable I'll teach you how to make an incubator that hatches eggs.


  • An old or new cooler
  • A container filled with water
  • A thermometer
  • A drill
  • A light bulb that gives off heat
  • A light socket.
  • A metal cylinder with a diameter of around a half-inch
  • Tape

Step 1: Prepare the Cooler

Make sure that the cooler is clean before putting the eggs into it. You will need to use the drill to drill a hole into the center of the lid. Make sure that the hole is big enough to put the half-inch diameter rod through.

Step 2: Installing the Heat Light

Once the hole is drilled, place the rod into it and pull the wires through. Once the wires have been pulled through, attach them to the light socket. Then pull the wires from the outside of the lid until everything is tight and then tape it down on the lid so the heat light does not fall into the container. Lastly, screw in the bulb when you are ready to test and are plugged into an outlet.

Step 3: Fill the Inside

Now you need to fill the incubator with the necessary components. Place the container filled with water in the incubator, this will give the machine some humidity. Next, place the thermometer somewhere inside the incubator, I had a digital one that had a separate display that was connected by a wire. This allowed me to see the temperature while the lid was closed but if you do not have this type of thermometer it is not a big deal. any thermometer should work.

Step 4: Using the Incubator

When you first turn it on and use it you need to watch the temperature. It is important that the incubator does not go over 100 degrees, if it does then the eggs will die. When first using it I would recommend calibrating it, I did this by simply cracking the lid open with small pieces of wood until I could get it to stay consistent at a specific temperature range. For the best results, I would recommend keeping the temperature between 93-99 degrees.

It is also important to rotate the eggs every hour or two when they are incubating, if you don't do it then the eggs will die.

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