Introduction: Bird Nectar Feeder

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Bird Nectar Feeder

This is my entry to the Sterling Davis Pallet wood up cycle challenge for 2015.

We had a old pallet sitting out the front for a while, truly weathered which presented it own challenges. The other half wanted a bird feeder to attract the Native New Zealand bird the "Tui" which has a beautiful call. You can here it at the end of the video.

Is one is purely off the cuff, and pretty difficult to explain what and how I did, however after cutting the pallet up using the jigsaw, and tidying the edges up on some of the planks started with the base. There is no glue, it is all screwed together with tex screws so it is very easy to make as there are no glue ups.

Once the base is made I made a couple of small studs to hold up the roof and to hold the bottle feeder. After looking at it I decided to add in a couple of braces to support the roof more.

The hard part is the bottle holder and every bottle is different, so you need to measure. I then use the main beams from the pallet, to make the pole for the feeder to stand on. the beams weren't really long enough so I joined two of them use the rest of the pallet wood to brace and hold it together.