Introduction: Bird Silhouette Nail Art

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I love silhouette photography and drawing, but I'm not very good at these. I thought of doing a silhouette nail art (I'm new at nail art as well!) and I was really exited about it.
Though my nail art didn't turn out so well, but I still thought of sharing my first nail art on instructables.
I hope you like the idea.

Step 1: Things You Need

To do this nail art you'll need:

1) Nail polish (black, white, green, blue, pink, purple)
2) Black gel pen,
3) Size 0 paint brush,

Step 2: White Canvas

Before starting the nail art, it's better to draw a picture of the nail art on a paper. You can simply follow the picture while you're designing the nails.

First, apply the white nail polish (1 coat) carefully, as it'll be the canvas!
Wait for a while for the white nail polish to dry.
After the fist coat dries, apply the white nail polish lightly again and make sure the whole nail is covered with the white nail polish.
Wait until it's completely dry.

Step 3: Getting Started!

If you're afraid of not doing it right at the first time, then it's better to practice 2  or 3 times.

First, apply a light purple nail polish covering the bottom half of the nails.
Now, use blue nail polish to paint the sky (covering bottom 1/4 of the nails), you may also paint some clouds using the white nail polish.
Apply green nail polish (slightly) on the top of every nails (these would be the green trees). I also applied pink nail polish with the green. You can also add more colors if you want to. There, the background is ready.
Wait till it dries.

When the background dries, use a gel pen to draw the outlines of the silhouette images.
Use a size zero paint brush and black nail polish to fill the silhouette images. I've painted some birds sitting on wire and also added some music notes.

Step 4: Thumb Nail Art

I painted a flying silhouette bird on the thumb nail.

Paint this bird as if it's flying towards the other birds on the wire.
Paint the background similarly (only you have to start from a corner).
Use gel pen to draw the outline of the bird and apply black nail polish with size 0 paint brush to fill the silhouette.

You can mix and match colors for the background as you want. my nail art didn't turn out good enough, but I hope yours will.

Enjoy! :)

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