Introduction: Bird Cage (mansion)

I just hate conventional bird cages. they look so plastic and cheap, have ugly colours or look too much like prisons.
I want something else, but at the same time i want an easy to maintain cage.

Step 1: IKEA Materials

so, take:

-An Ikea Fjus
-MDF plating
-MDF base coating
-A(n animal 'friendly') stain
-Paint for the exterior
-IKEA Tyda grips (since everything is rectangular, i choose these grips. i think they look better than round ones.)
-bolts and nails
-proper tools

Step 2: Building

I cut the Fjus in half and used the frame as a frame to nail the fencing on. I cut the 'windows' out of the shelves to make the roof, bottom and the door. From the remaining frame I created the front panel. please be careful with the sharp fencing and remove all sharp edges inside the cage.
the drawer at the bottom is made out of MDF. I made a hatch in the roof on which i have to attach some kind of seating area so the bird can sit on top of the cage easily.

Step 3: Finishing

You can see the bottom pieces of wood are different in colour from the front panel frame. this is what you get if you don't put a white basecoat on first.
now i just need to add perches, drink and eating buckets.
the only downside in using the Fjus (it was so cheap, that it made the choice easy..) is that the depth is a bit questionable.
please contact me if you have any questions.