Introduction: Bird House and Feeder

This is what it should look like when you are done!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

you need to have any kind of paint, paint brushes, jumbo sticks, nine botles, hot glue gun, glue sticks, any kind of string, and bells for the little bird to play with in the inside.

Step 2: The Frame

you need twelve jumbo sticks and the glue gun, i glued all the sides together.

Step 3: The Truss

you need eight jumbo sticks, and the glue gun again, and the string and the bell, you cut the top of the plastic water bottle and the bottom of it too. then cut the bottle verticlebottom to top, then cut it horizontal two to three inches of it. glue the inches of bottle to the frame. then on the truss you make a square and glue them together. you do that on the same side, and dont forget to make a door so the bird can get inside.

Step 4: The Floor

you need eleven jumbo sticks, and the glue gun. you put eight of the jumbo sticks on a table and make them as straight as you can, and take two jumbo sticks and glue them one inch away from the edge. then on the other side if you want to make a perch put a jumbo stick out a little far out so the bird can be able to stand on it. then glue it on to the frame of the bird house.

Step 5: Inclosing the Bird House

after you get done putting the bottle on the bird house this is what it should look like.

Step 6: The Water and the Feeder

you would want to get two jumbo sticks and a full water bottle, and glue gun. put the two jumbo on one side out far enough for the bottle to fit, and cut a whole in the side of the bottle big enough for the birds to get food or a drink. then glue the bottle on the jumbo sticks. as you see a painted it and u can too..and also do it to the otherside.

Step 7: The End

this is what it should look like when you are done. but of course a different colors.

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