Birdfeeder From Recycled Materials

Introduction: Birdfeeder From Recycled Materials

Hi my name is Ella and I am 11 years old. We earn badges/patches throughout the year and today I'm working on my instructables patch. I decide to show you how to make a birdfeeder with recycled materials.

My favorite pair of sunglasses broke on the way home from NY..... So I decided to make a birdfeeder simular to one I saw at my grandparents house.

spray paint
hot glue gun

Step 1: Birdfeeder

First, I had my dad cut the bowl so it will lay flush against the tree. we cut a small piece that I will use as a hat later and the larger part will hold the birdseed.

Next, I hot glued beads to the bowl to make it look prettier and hopefully attract birds.

Step 2: Spray Paint

The next stel, I took the bowl piece and the sides of the sunglasses to my dad's shop. He painted and cut the pieces the way I wanted them to look.

After they dired I decided how the feeder would look on the tree. I had lots of ideas!

Step 3: Add to Tree

We have an apple tree in our yard away from our dogs and animals, that we decided to attach the bird feeder.

Add seed and wait! Thank you!

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