Introduction: Birthday Gift Sewing Box

I hand made a sewing box for my wife´s aniversary with poplar, ebony and some brass hinges and screws.

I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Milling and Preparing the Stock List

A poplar log from a fallen tree and a cut list. Size the pieces with a Stanley #4 and a ryoba japanese saw to rip and crosscut

Step 2: Dovetails Layout and Shooting Board

Dovetails first, guys!

Square the edges at the shooting board with a Stanley #5 jackplane

Step 3: Plane Plowing the Grooves

Grooving with a Stanley #50 rabbet plane. Help you with a bar clamp to keep safe

Step 4: Hand Routing the Bottom

Routing the grooves for the bottom with a Record #71 router hand plane. Install a 4mm blade. Use a hand made jig sole for stability.

Step 5: Rabbeting the Top

Make the top recess with a Stanley #78

Step 6: Fitting and Smoothing the Top

Use a Stanley #9 1/2 block plane to fit and smooth the top surface

Step 7: Gauge Marking

Marking the cutting line with a Veritas marking gauge

Step 8: Gluing Up

Assemble the set. Clamp it all the night.

Step 9: Cutting the Lid

After dry, separate the lid from the body with a dozuki japanese saw

Step 10: Chiseling the Hinges

Adding the hinges for the lid. Making the recess with a sharp chisel

Step 11: Fitting the Hinges

Hand routing with a Stanley #271 small hand router plane

Step 12: Spokeshaving the Feet

Shaping the feet with a Veritas flat sole spokeshave

Step 13: Adding Some Ebony Knobs

Shaping with the rasp and the files

Step 14: Final Assembly

At least, all the pieces together

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