Introduction: Birthday Treasure Hunt for Grown Ups

Treasure hunt is deeply rooted and catches instantly everybodies attention. So if a birthday party needs some special action just follow this instructable and have huge fun.

The idea is not to follow a simple map - how boring - but build up a linked list of riddles and clues that lead the main act/group to the secret spot.

Furthermore, if you work with photos and keepsakes from the birthday boy/girl it is a touching walk through his/her life with all the participants.

To fill the treasure chest tell all the invites to hand in their presents in secret so that you can place those in the treasure chest!

Step 1: Check for Photos and Other Keepsakes

First you need to look for photos and other keepsakes.

When you think you have enough together start creating the riddles and the clues.

Step 2: Write Down the Riddles and the Clues...

Now that you have the photos and the keepsakes together put them in a chronological order - this will be your linked list showing the path to the treasure (birthday present, diploma gift or whatever).

Now you have to establish the links with your riddles. For the 20th birthday of my daughter I started the treasure hunt by handing her the first riddle. It was showing me and my wife - and it was written on it:.....

Step 3: Put the Riddles and Clues Into the Bottles and Hide Them

Put the photos and keepsakes into the bottles and hide them there where the riddles are pointing to.

Alternatively just take any other media that seems appropriate. See the pergament roles.

Step 4: Find the Key to Open the Treasure...

Know that we have the treasure chest found we can add another level. The chest is closed. You can now hide a riddle in the riddle that will lead the searcher to the key of the chest;-)

When opened it is cool to sit together and watch when the presents are opened.

Happy treasure hunt.