Biscuit Bombs

Introduction: Biscuit Bombs

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This recipe is quite easy and these cakes are quite tasty.
You can make it every time you want something sweet and delicious.

What did I make?
I made some delicious cakes.

How did I make it?
I gathered all ingredients I needed, I mixed them, I made some balls(bombs) from the obtained mixture and then I covered each bomb with coconut.

Where did I make it?
I made it at home.

What did I learn?
I learnt that you need only 30 min to make a dish with delicious cakes.

Step 1: Ingredients

For making these cakes you need:
- 600 gr simple biscuits
- 250 gr margarine for cakes(or shortening - if someone want to explain me the difference between them is welcome)
- 10 ml rum
- 40 gr vanilla sugar
- 3 tablespoon of cocoa
- some cherry in alcohol (or peanuts, nuts, hazelnuts, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)
- grated fresh coconut (or cocoa, grated nuts, grated peanuts, grated almond)

Step 2:

First thing you have to do is to grind the biscuits.
Then put them in a big clean dish.

Step 3:

Mix all ingredients together besides the cherry in alcohol and the coconut.
Add some cold water until your mixture looks and feels like plasticine.

Step 4:

Next step is draining the cherries of alcohol.
Then pull out their kernels.
After that, grate the coconut.

Step 5:

Now let's make the bombs.
Take a morsel of the obtained mixture, roll it, put the cherry(or what you've chosen) in the middle, "close" the morsel and make it looks like a ball (or bomb).
Then cover the bomb with coconut and now you have your first bomb.

Step 6:

Let your sister helps you.

Step 7:

That's it.

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    Andrei, bring some to school, please! We want to TASTE the project!