Introduction: Biscuit Jointer Spline Jig Build ....

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This is my Biscuit Jointer Spline jig Instructable..

Step 1: First Stages.

This is how I started Building My Biscuit jointer Jig..

First off I used Some Draw fronts from an Old Pine Dresser. Recycling :) I then Ripped them On My Homemade temporary Table Saw as my main saw is in parts and being serviced by Myself.

Once I got the to the same width as The Biscuit Jointer I then Proceeded to the next stage...

Step 2: The Foot Plate and the Optional Frame/Box Clamp

I used My Scroll saw to cut out the Beak from The Foot Plate and The Optional clamp. I Used a Spiral blade with 46 teeth per inch. at 3/4 speed Pine stock Is one inch thick.. Once all the cutting and sanding was done I used a square to make sure that the two points where inline. Once I was happy with that I then drilled the hole into the clamp to accept the T Thread for the T- Slot rail that I routed out earlier. The Optional clamp Is used Only for complete Square boxes and Picture frames and the T-Slot Clamp is used for the oblong type boxes and Picture frames.

Step 3:

The next step was to ad the side rails that help support the Jointer. Made from the same draw front..

I used Double sided tape to hold them in place while I clamped them down, I then pre drilled and countersunk the holes and place the screws in. I did not glue the rails in as I might want to remove them at a later date for options and upgrades.. The base of this Jig is from an Old Router table top I made years ago so I ripped it to size on my Table saw.. Material MDF 25mm Thick..

Step 4:

Once I was happy with the Position of the Rails I cut a optional Wood Block to add to the Jig That acts as A spacer in I want to spline taller boxes ect. This can be added or removed ( See Video ) .

I then Re Used and Changes A clamp from a router table. These are the clamps that hold the Router In place under the table. I placed it in the vice and bent one of the lips to the opposite of the other and ground it to the length and width I needed to be used to clamp the jointer at the rear.

I cut some more T-Slot rails to add to both left and right of the jointer so I would then use the T-Slot clamps to hold it down the Unit. They hold it in place very well and it does not move..

Step 5:

One I was happy with everything I done test cuts making double splines On one of my boxes ( See Video ).

Once I was Happy with everything I re sanded and Painted the unit..

I am very happy how this jig performed it works very well and holds the boxes in place firmly..

Please Look at the Video as You will see how it works. Thank you....

Step 6: Picture From Above and Part Two of the Build Video.

Here is Part Two of the Video It will show you a lot more and seeing the jig being used cutting the splines..

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