Introduction: Bit Holder Keychain - EDC

I’ve previously written about how I find myself needing a screw driver, but having to improvise because I don’t have a screw driver on me.

This problem is now solved. Presenting the Everyday Carry Bit Holder.

This project will show you how to make your own EDC holder for hex bits. The holder is 3D printed and made to be a keychain so you always have it with you.

Now you’ll never find yourself without a screw driver again!

Make several of these to always keep your most used bits with you.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You are going to need:

  • 3D printer
  • Hex bit
    • Any standard hex bit will work
  • Disk magnet
    • Measuring 8 mm in diameter and 1 mm in thickness
    • These can be found here
  • Pliers
  • Steel wire

Step 2: 3D Printing

First you need to print your bit holder.

The files can be downloaded here.

I printed this in 8 minutes with 5% infill. I chose PLA and it’s really sturdy. You could print this in ABS for greater durability.

The files was designed in Fusion 360. It has a flat bottom so it can be printed at several angles. It is also designed with friction ridges to give you a good grip when you use it.

Step 3: Magnet

Insert your magnet into the slot on top of the
bit holder.

The magnet slot is made to hold the magnet with friction, so use some force when inserting it!

Step 4: Keychain

First cut your steel wire to length. I used
about 2.5 cm which is about an inch.

Start bending your wire into a circle and insert the wire into the hole on the bit holder.

Use the pliers to close the loop on the wire making sure it wont come loose.

If you want, you can add a regular keychain ring to your wire loop, this makes it easier to attach and detach from your keys.

Step 5: Finished

Insert your hex bit and you’re done!

You just made a sturdy hex bit holder which you can carry with you everyday.

Now make as many as you need and attach them to your keycahin. You’ll never find yourself without a decent screw driver again!