Black Bucket Panniers




Introduction: Black Bucket Panniers

So after doing a lot of research into building bucket panniers.....I came across this link on instructables.

I think this is best design out there for a cheap and high quality bucket pannier.    The pannier clips ordered from are awesome, easy to attach to the buckets and were only $1.50 a piece.   The one think I wanted that I hadn't seen anyone do yet was get some buckets that weren't the god awful kitty litter white ones.   I did quite a bit of internet searching before I found a company that would sell me two buckets of the color I wanted and wouldn't cost much more then buying kitty litter buckets.   This is what I found:

They make the 4 gallon bucket in a wide variety of colors to match most bikes.   I got two black buckets with matching black lids for $20 shipped to my door. 

If you have questions feel free to email me but use the link above for an inventory list and build instructions.   I just wanted to offer my two sense on the buckets.  

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    spark master
    spark master

    10 years ago on Introduction

    all of the plastic box paniers are nice! I took a heavy cardbord box and slapped on in my rack (not so great but fine for library trips)

    these (and all of the kitty litter/bucket type) look great

    here are two improvements

    1) add panels of foam insulation on alll side to make one side a cooler, you could get very fancy here.

    2) add LED lights if the black plastic is too dark to see contents, or, like your car boot, easy to see at night



    10 years ago on Introduction

    man, those look good. Do the lids come off and go on the buckets easily?