Introduction: Black-Chinned Humming Bird

Follow these steps to not only build one safe home for your birds but two different homes in one!Your birds won't have to travel much to even find their own food,because their food is on the roof of the house!

Step 1: First Things First, Outline

Materials: Wood that is .5 inches thick,saw,ruler,3/4 in. nails,hammer,sheet sander(or sandpaper),and a hammer.,4 in driller hole.

Measurements for the wood : 6"x8" ,8"x12",2"x12", 6"x12.5 (you need two pieces of each)

Middle piece of the house:5"x7" (only need one piece)

Trapezoid Measurement:6"x6"x12 (you need two pieces)

Before you do anything want to be able to outline the pieces before you start sawing.This will help you have a much cleaner cut ,remember to put goggles on,and remember to start the saw before you even start sawing.Once you have all the pieces cut out ,its hammer time!

Step 2: Hammer Time!

Make sure the edges are smooth and ready to be hammered.When hammering make sure the nail is straight.If the nail is slanted it can go in a different way than the place where you want the nail to go.When this occurs lightly hit the nail with the hammer on the opposite way,until you have a straight nail.Put both 6"x8" and 6"x12.5" lined up together, so that both 6 inches are touching,do this on both sides of the house.Make sure that all the pieces are straight and perfectly cut in order to not have a slanted or moving house.If such thing happens then sand file till smooth.Keep hammering the nail until it's fully nailed to the other side of the wood.

Step 3: Make 2 Squares, Then Box It!

5"x7" piece of wood will create a barrier between the box .When nailing the middle pieced wood to the box,hold the piece straight ,so that the wall between the box is straight.If the wall is slanted, gently tap it with a hammer till straight. Once you have nailed both sides you will nail down 8"x12.5" to the bottom and top.Both 8 inches have to be touching,in order to create a box.Once you have built the box you will create the roof.

Step 4: The Roof

Once you have a box you will add the roof.You will nail down the trapezoid to the 2"x12.5" piece,make sure to do it to both sides.In order to have a very secured roof it would be best if you nailed the sides of the house down. Use a driller,and drill in and drill out of the side of the wood.Place the nail in the whole that was drilled and hammer down.Do this for both sides to have a secure roof.

Step 5: Wholes

In order for the birds to get in you will drill wholes,the wholes you make will allow the birds to get in the house.After drilling the wholes are done.If you would like you can paint it, use the most vibrant colors so that you have more chances into seeing a hummingbird,because hummingbirds love bright colors.