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Introduction: Black & Gold Nail Art

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Nail art is fun! I'm not very good in nail art but I thought it would be fun to try something other than nail polish for nail art. So, I used golden fabric paint with black nail polish. You can use glitter paint as well. My nails are too small so I couldn't add much detail with the design. Anyways, there's not much to say, because this nail art is soooo easy!
I hope you like this ible!
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Step 1: Things You Need

To do this nail art you'll need:

1) Black nail polish,
2) Golden fabric paint or glitter paint,
3) Size '0' paint brush.

Step 2: Designing

Before starting this nail art, it's better to draw the designs on paper. Paisley, twirls, tribal art look good with black and gold. 

Step 3: Nail Art - 1

Apply 2 coats of black nail polish. Wait for a while for the nail polish to dry completely.

Take the paint brush and dip the tip in the golden fabric or glitter paint. Use the edge of the brush to make the designs. After you're done designing each nail, fill the empty spaces with small dots ( they look cute!).
I've attached step-by-step pictures of each nail art. Hope they're helpful and I'm sure you'll come up with more gorgeous nail designs!  

Step 4: Nail Art - 2

Here's another design for black and gold nail art, I hope you like it :)

The more you practice the better you'll get at this nail art. Also check out the other nail art designs I've added to the intro of this ible.


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    7 years ago

    nice attempt


    9 years ago

    Love it!

    Congratulations!!!!!! You are a winner and a well deserving one :). I am so happy that people I am following are winning many contests :)