Introduction: Black Magical Dice


I 'm writting this instructable from France and my English is a little sorry for my

meager explanations.

After seeing a few of electronic dices on differents blogs, I wished to make one smaller than possible, while inserting the logical part.

Just for a personnal challenge. The result measured 18 mm ...

Step 1: Demo

Step 2: The LEDs

Use 7 white LEDs (1.5 mm) and CMS résistors, wired with

a thin copper wire. The platform is printting with PLA filament.

Step 3: Top Part

PLA for the translucide part,

ABS for the half-cube.

After inserting the platform, I flowed few of resin inside.

Step 4: Microcontroller

Welcome dear Attiny !

Arduino programmation on DIY shield.

I resumed a dice GitHub's program, and add a scrolling effect for the LEDs. More attractive.

All the electronics come in the top part.

Step 5: Circuit

Step 6: Arduino Code

Step 7: Bottom Part

ABS for the Half-cube,

PLA for battery plate.

For the power supply, I used a simple coin cell.

Step 8: Trigger

I managed to find THE smaller tilt switch in market (12*3 mm !) …

Before assembly, I also added a micro-switch between the two parts, for the general supply.

Step 9: Assembly

The two parts were glued directly to the extruder outlet.

Step 10: In the Pocket !

All ABS parts have been polished in vats of acetone … and elbow grease ...

There you go !

Step 11: By the Way ...

… your best friend for the production, reading glasses !!!!

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