Introduction: Black Ops Custom Classes: Bombardment

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Hello Everyone! In my new custom class series, I am covering the new types of classes I use. This one is a bombardment one, inspired by AC1D. It is to assault a position, or for camper removal. 

Step 1: Weapons

I recommended an Assault Rifle with an Underbarrel attachment.  I would take the masterkey for room clearing, or the grenade launcher for corner campers. The Galil is the best fit for this, due to its excellent iron sights (you don't need an optical sight), and extra magazine size.  

I recommended the RPG, if you have the grenade launcher. I recommend the China Lake if you equipped the Masterkey. Crossbow works for long distances. Don't use the M72 Law, as it is one shot.

Step 2: Perks

Scavenger Pro, to get maximum ammunition out of your explosives. Lightweight works, due to slow movements, and Flak Jacket works if you choose an RPG or LAW.

Sleight of Hand, to get your explosives off as fast as you can. Steady Aim is useless, because you need to aim down sights to shoot the rockets and noob tubes anyway. 

Marathon Pro, but not with lightweight. Use it to sprint infinitly with your explosives. Hacker doesn't work if you have flak jacket. 

Step 3: Grenades and Equipment

I recommend Frags as the Lethal, due to more objective bombardment.
I recommend Nova Gas , to slow down your enemies. It gives you just enough time to aim down sights of your launcher.
I recommend C4, to get people around corners, and to use as a backup grenade.

Step 4: Killstreaks

A new part of the series, I am adding killstreaks to my classes. I recommended Mortar Team, Napalm Strike, and Valkyrie Rockets. They can keep the enemies off objectives, and your bombardment never ending.

Step 5: Playing a Bombardment Class

I recommend using windows to your advantage. You can get 'nades, c4, and rockets through them. If you need to camp, camp. Get near an objective. PRO TIP: Find a spot on the map that you can line your sights with. Take your China Lake and test fire on objectives. Have a friend call out if you hit them or not.