Black Ops III Zombie Chronicles Remastered

Introduction: Black Ops III Zombie Chronicles Remastered

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for this instructable I will be talking about zombie chronicles, and extension pack for black ops III. if you have any questions or comments please reply.

Step 1: Nacht Der Untoten, Night of the Dead.

I shall start with the first ever zombies map in call of duty. in the spawn room, you will find the RK-5, a three burst pistol capable of taking down zombies with 6 bursts, and also the Shiva, the semi automatic rifle capable of killing wave 3 zombies with headshots. I would recommend getting the RK-5 first, for you can get more points from this. in the spawn room, near the bookshelf, on the floor, is a doctor Monty radio. the radio will tell you what happened there and some other stuff. if you open the "help" door, you will find the mystery box, the KRM shotgun, and the Kuda machine gun. the mystery box only costs 950 points, while the KRM and the Kuda are 750.on the right side of the room, there is a staircase. on the second floor is the perk-a-cola machine, Argus, and another one I can not remember. one tactic here is to go to the grenade wall buy and camp there, shooting the zombies as the enter the room. or you can open the other stair case and run around the map avoiding the undead legion. near the mystery box is a table, on the table is a radio that if you shoot it, plays random songs

Step 2: Verruckt, Sanatorium.

in this place you have two places to spawn, the dentist room or the morgue. in both places you can find the usual starting weapons, the shiva and the RK-5. chose the RK-5 after wave 2. then if you have enough points, you can open either the staircase, or the lobby. in either room, you can find the KRM, worth 750 points. next you need to open at least 2 or 3 doors to get to the power and mystery box. down the hallway with toilets, turn to the right. there you will find another hallway. go to the far left wall in the hallway, from there you can see all of the entrances to the hallway. there is a trap there that you can activate for a 1000 points. the trap lasts for about a minute and a half, and takes about 1 minute to recharge.

Step 3: Shi No Numa, Swamp of the Dead.

in Shi no Numa, you start in the second floor of the main hut. once you have enough points, unlock the staircase. in the 1st floor you will find the mystery box, a full auto pistol, and the KRM.

Step 4: Ascension: U.S.S.R. Cosmodrome

in ascension, you start in a room with a spinning obstacle that will instantly kill you if you walk into it while its spinning. go up the stairs and turn to the left. you will find a door leading outside to a lander station. it is best to collect enough points to open the gate on the right and get the argus. then, if you go up the stairs, you will find a door. on the other side of the door is the mystery box location and power switch. get a good weapon from the mystery box and then turn on the power. run and slide all the way back to the second lander location and camp there. me and my ally were able to survive there for 19 waves.

Step 5: Kino Der Toten: Show of the Dead

in kino der toten, you start off in the lobby of a theater. there are 2 ways to exit the lobby. one, you go up the stairs, two, you go under the stairs and to the left. if you go with option 1, it will lead you to a room where the mystery box will sometimes spawn. if you go with option 2, you will enter a room with the L-CAR machine pistol. in both of these rooms you will find a door. the door in room number 1 will lead you into a ballroom of some sort. the door in room number 2 will lead you outside in an alley, the mystery box will spawn here sometimes and It is a great place for defense. there are two more doors, one leading to a a makeup room, and the other a storage room. both of these places are kinda hard to defend. if you open the last door in the rooms, it will lead you to the theater, where you will be able to access the power and the teleporter. in order to activate the teleporter, you must connect a link between the pads. the first is in the spawn room. the second is the sender node of the teleporter, located in the theater. once you do this, you will be able to access the pack-a-punch. only do this if you have 5000 points or more. once you get back, run to the main walkway in the theater. if you turn aroun you will find the room with the juggernog and the bowie knife. camp here, it is possible to survive until wave 20 in here, probably more waves than I can make it to.

Step 6: ORIGINS.

in origins, you start in a bunker with the roof caved in. turn to the side with a table and look at the supports. you will hopefully find a shovel that is used for digging up mounds of dirt. these dirt mounds will sometimes give you weapons, powerups, or live grenades and zombies. in the bunker on one of the tables, you will find a brain in a jar. I do not know what this is used for but if you know, please comment. go up the stairs and turn to your right. you will find a generator. you will have to activate 3 generators in order to turn on the power.

Step 7: Shadows of Evil

in shadows of evil, you start in an alley with the usual starting weapons. activate the curse with the pedestal with purple fire and look for orange colored objects. with some of the objects, they will have a lightning symbol, a grappling hook symbol, and a melee symbol. look at the controls of the beast curse, you will see what you have to with the different objects.

Step 8: Shangri La

in Shangri la, you start off facing a flat ramp. turn to the right and once you have the points, open the door on the right side. follow the lightning arrows to the power. there are 2 power switches that activate a mine cart. this mine cart will lead you to a new place that I have not been to. the power will also open a water slide that can be found on the left side of the map. if you use the slide it will take you back to the power room. in order to get an achievement you need to activate an eclipse. then you go to the wall in front of the mine entrance to the power switches. on that wall you will find a button, once you activate the button you will hear two voices arguing. they will tell you to find some buttons on the ground. once you locate all of the slabs you need someone on the other side of the map. then you have to match all of the button symbols to each other. a youtuber by the name of mr William thor shows how to all of this. give him a thumbs up.

Step 9: The Moon

the moon is possibly one of the hardest levels in Bo3 Zombie Chronicles. you start off in area 51: Nevada. you can try to stay there as long as you like but within seconds, hellhounds appear, zombie hordes swarm around the map becoming harder and harder to kill. there is a teleporter in the airbase that activates as soon as all of the players stand on it. once you get to the moon run forward and activate the spacesuit. you must activate the space suit. open either of the doors on the side. go down and open the door in front of the panels that glow different colors. go through 3 or 4 doors to reach the power and once you do this you will be able to go through a door on the side of the mini pyramid. go through one more door and you will reach the bio dome. this is all for this instructable. oh wait, do NOT step on the glowing pads in the bio dome.

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