Introduction: Black Ops "Kino Der Toten" Guide

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Hey everyone!
I haven't played Cod in a while but I recently got into the mood. Mostly Zombies! I'm not actually going take photos of me playing, I'm just going to take photos from google and provide my knowledge along with it. Thanks add anything in the comments below!

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Step 1: Starting Rounds

ok so when you first start, there are 2 methods in which you can use.
1. 3 or 4 shots with a pistol then a knife gets you maximum points
2. only knife which saves you ammo.
Personally I do #1 because usually you get a max ammo sooner or later
I always open the upstairs door because I find that way is better. Anyways, NEVER buy a gun on the wall in the begging rounds. after you buy 1-2 doors then you should buy a gun off the wall if you don't find a mystery box on your way. SO on first round it takes 1 knife to kill a zombie, then 2 knifes on round 2, 3 knifes on round 3 and so on. between round 3-5, you will want to buy a door.

Step 2: Later Rounds

(ok now I'm mad this whole paragraph I just wrote somehow erased!) anyways...
Between rounds 4-6 you hopefully are in the room with the stake out on the wall. Here you should have 2 guys downstairs killing zombies and 2 guys up the stairs! If you have yet to find a mystery box, you have 2 options
1. Talk with your team mates and open both doors to the stage...
2. Buy either a mpk or stake out off the wall
Dogs are bound to come anytime soon. Stake out was made for dogs. Stand in a corner with your team mates or even by yourself. Wait for a dog to charge you. Not just round the corner but head on run at you! Wait untill he is close to you then give it a good head shot. This will hopefully kill the dog in one shot with a stake out.
I hope if you're all the way in the stage you have found the mystery box. Keep using it (called "Hiting the box") untill you get a good gun.
Thunder gun, Ray gun, rpk, any shotgun, and mostly any machine gun. Don't take a sniper, pistol or rocket launcher unless it's your last defense. If you get monkey bombs, DONT FORGET ABOuT THEM! I always do. NEXT PAGE!!! -->

Step 3: STAGE

Now round say 6-9 you should be in the stage with the power off. 1 person in the back by the claymores. and 3 people shooting through the door you bought to get to the stage. Make sure you stay somewhere by where the mystery box would be there because there is a zombies entrence close by. Once you get over flown with zombies, turn on the power. Leave a crawler if you can and link the teleporter by going inside the teleporter and holding X or whatever button it is for ps3 and wii... then back into the main room where you will push X again and make the link. If you still have yet to find the mystery box, hopefully someone has enough money to open the doors to it. Now prepare for some running. Kill the last zombie once you feel ready and have a good weapon or broke... Here now you should go to the stage again. Start to run around the 2 big prop thingys on the stage. The zombies will crowed around and follow you. A.K.A. Circle method. Once you get them built up, you can turn and shoot them with a machine gun gettimg a bunch of points, or take the long route. Run into the main lobby taking either the upstairs door or the under stairs door. Run all the way around back to the stage slowly. Turn around and Make sure the zombies are following you. Turn at points in which you feel ready and shoot them. Make sure no zombies are coming in front of you! The blue dot in the 1st pic is a space where you or the zombies can come through. Here are some pictures. 

Step 4: Using the Teleporter

Now when you are over flown with zombies, or just need to pack-a-punch, use the teleporter. Run inside of it and hold X. (other for stations beside xbox) Here you can buy pack-a-punch for 5000 points. If everyone is in there with you, throw frags out into the stage area. And because I have foregoten, buy jugernaut (or jugernog. Don't remember) It cost 2500 points. Other perks you can use speed cola quick revive.etc... keep using the circle method untill the game ends. Clay mores are somewhat efective. You can buy them for 1000 points and you get 2 each round. You can also hide them in a corner and pick them up in rounds that you need them. I can't provide any more besides it's always great to leave a crawler at rounds you can. At least it's peacful for a little bit! Last words of addive. NEVER EVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND...well unless
1. You can NOT get to him
2. He doesn't have any weapons or any good weapons... THANKS!!