Introduction: Black Sect Tantric Buddhism: How to Make the Holy Hand Symbol

This sect of buddhism was founded by Master Lin Yun from Taiwan and he passed away last year.  Black Sect Tantric Buddhism has a foundation in Tibetan buddhism.  He was our supreme leader and his student Crystal took over when he passed, her name is Crystal Rinpoche.  I hear it was a total power grab, so no one follow her.

Anyways, here is the hand symbol we use when meditating or taking photos.  I included a photo of the late supreme leader professor  Lin Yun.  May he live in peace forever.  

1. Put your hands together in a prayer position
2. lay down your two ring fingers
3. grab the cross-ring fingers with your pointer finger and curl around

4. bring both pinkies into your palm and form an "O" with your thumb
5. look wise