Introduction: Black Fruit on a Stick

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What's this black fruit ? It's date-palm fruit , with a few changes ! It's like a black lollypop ! That made with fresh fruit . If you don't like date-palm , I recommended you to see here . There you can find date-palm fruit's avails . If you know , you eat date-palm fruit much !

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Date-palm fruit
  • Sugar : a few : about 10g
  • Stick : equal date-palm fruits

Step 2: Preparation

Skin the date-palm fruits , then expel the cores . You can use date-palm fruit's membrane for other works . Also you can eat them , they have many avails .

Step 3: Globe Them !

Globe the date-palm fruits with hand (wash your hand before !) . Rub them in your hand until they become like a ball .
2 date-palm fruit = 1 ball . If you use small date-palm fruit , you should use 3 digit for each ball .

Step 4: Assemble on the Sticks

Spit the date-palm fruits on the sticks . Then besprinkle a few sugar on them .

Step 5: Share and Enjoy !

Give them to your family and friends . What is their reaction ? My family like my foods , so like this black fruit on a stick and enjoy . Your family may be get happy for this new food , Enjoy !

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