Introduction: BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Keyboard/Trackball Colour Mod

How to colour your BlackBerry Pearl 8130's keyboard and trackball lights!

Step 1: Variations

You can also do a mulit-colour pearl gig, which is what I did after all was said and done, just pull it back apart and colour either the keyboard or trackball a different colour, although what I had to do is take it apart, and, VERY CAREFULLY, scrape away the marker with a exacto knife, then re-colour it, mine now has a red trackball with a blue keyboard! Sorry for not posting pics of that, I will when i finish modding my camera! :P

Step 2: Disassembly

1. The all so familiar BATTERY PULL!

2. Remove the bottom case piece, easiest to pull down and forward from the back.

3. Remove the trackball retention ring, then pop out the trackball assembly. You can also colour the back of this, I think it helps out so much, I've gotten a much nicer colour out of mine!

4. Remove all 4 Torx screws, 2 in the rear, on either side of the camera, and 2 on the front, below the keyboard. (Beware, some companies place their moisture detection slip over one of the front screws, what I suggest is using a pair of fine tweezers and pulling it off by one corner so you can stick it back on;))

5. Snap off the 2 side case rails, start from the bottom and pull forward and out, then slowly work your way up.

6. Now the part where I got lost the first time!:p Snapping off the keyboard assembly. On the left and right sides are 2 stress clips, pull these outward while lifting the piece up, one side then the other.

7. Identifying the LEDs, pop your battery back in and hold every tight till they all light up, just so you don't colour the wrong thing!


9. Take your desired colour and go over all the LEDs, then let them dry for a second, then throw on another coat, just to make sure you dont get a lighter version of the colour you wanted! (Mine came out pink the first time :p) Make sure you let the marker sit for a few seconds to dry also!

Step 3: Assembly

10. Snap the keyboard portion back onto the main body.

11. Snap back in the side case rails, and make sure they are both in tight! The Torx screws go threw the holes in them.

12. Tighten all screws back into place. (And reattach moisture detection slip if necessary)

13. Snap bottom case back on, this time the reverse, put the front in then pull towards the back.

14. Drop back in the trackball assembly, making sure it has the right orientation, then snap the retention ring back in, also with the right orientation!

15. Pop the battery back in and wait for it to light up!!