Introduction: Blackberry Alarm Clock

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to use your Blackberry smartphone as a Alarm Clock!

Materials Needed:


Some kind of stand. I'm using a griffin ipod touch or iphone stand from wal mart I think it was like $9 but you can use any stand that you would like just so it holds the phone up on your night stand.

That's All!

Step 1: Getting to the Clock on Your Blackberry.

If your Blackberry is running OS 4.6 or higher you should  have a clock application on your blackberry.
if your blackberry has the clock app, run it.

Step 2: Now How to Use the Alarm Function.

1) open clock app
2) click the menu button
3) click on "set alarm" in the menu
3) set the time you want the alarm to go off and wether you want the alarm to be on "ON" (alarm comes on every day) or "WEEK DAYS" (alarm only comes on on the week days)
4) click the back button
5) click save button.
6) now your blackberry is ready to go to be an alarm clock

p.s. you can change the alarm sound by editing the profile in the profile manager.

Step 3: How to See the Clock Without Picking the Phone Up.

Now you might think. well i have the phone as a alarm clock but i wont be able to see it when i get up.
well you can if you make/ buy a stand for it.

I'm using a griffin travel case for an iphone or ipod touch but it works great holding up my blackberry.

But if you don't have a stand you can always make one!

There are many instructables on how to make stands. You just need one that will keep your blackberry standing up.

After you find the stand you want for your blackberry you'll have a great alarm clock for your night stand!