Blackberry Phone Charging Station

Introduction: Blackberry Phone Charging Station

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i used:
51 2x2
7 6x2
22 4x2
5 3x2
7 2x1
2 4x1
1 14x16
2 8x2
2 12x2 flat ones
you will have a few left over

Step 1:

the first thing i did was i took the platform and then i put 21 2x2 on the sides of it but the front side.

Step 2:

then i put the two only flat ones on each side but the front 2x2 and the back 2x2 then i made a little wall i put 4 2x2 where the flat one starts and then i put one 4x2 behind those 2x2

Step 3:

then i did the same exact thing on the other side

Step 4:

grab 2 extra 4x2 and 1 extra 2x2 put a 4x2 in the front of the right side then make a space the size of a 2x2 then put a 6x2

Step 5:

then on the other side i put an 8x2 and a 4x2 so it wold be the same height as the one with the space

Step 6:

then i put the 8x2 over the space and then i put another 4x2 behind it

Step 7:

now i put 3 4x2 on the other side to make them the same height

Step 8:

now you are done with the sides now i will put a 2 4x2 in the front and then a 2x2 next to it

Step 9:

now do the same exact thing again in front of it

Step 10:

now flip it to the back side and put another layer of 2x2 on the top of the other ones

Step 11:

then put 2 6x2 on the top of the 2x2 then a 2x2 next to it

Step 12:

do that again

Step 13:

then add 3 4x2 and a 2x2 next to it then on the top of that put 2 4x2 and 2 3x2 on top of that put 2 6x2 and 1 2x2 on top of that put 2 3x2 and 2 4x2 but

Step 14:

this was made by Hunter here is the picture of the done project

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