Introduction: DIY Tealight Candle Holder

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I made a Tealight Candle Holder from Blackthorn wood and walnut.I think it would be a very nice decoration for tables at a wedding or another special occasion. I made a YouTube video of the build process,please subscribe and thumbs up!

Step 1: Split the Wood & Flatten the Top

  • I used my favorite Hultafors axe to split the log and level the top.
  • I used the axe to remove as much wood as I could before sanding it perfectly flat as it would save alot of time at the sanding stage.
  • be careful not to chop your fingers off!

Step 2: Make a Dado

  • I set the depth of cut on my mitre saw
  • I made a dado in the bottom of the log by making multiple cuts
  • I test fitted my walnut piece until it fit snuggly.
  • I used a chisel the clean out the excess wood from the dado.

Step 3: Glue & Clamp

  • I cut the walnut scrap to size on the mitre saw
  • I used this piece so the candle holder would sit level and not roll around
  • I glued and clamped the wall nut piece in over night

Step 4: Drill the Candle Holes

  • I used my redneck drill press and a 38mm spade bit to drill the candle holes.
  • most good quality tealights are 38mm in diameter including their metal holder.
  • If you use cheaper tealights they may be bigger than 38mm
  • Mark out the 3 places where you will drill carefully
  • Then drill them out with care.

Step 5: Spray on Your Finish

  • I used a polyurethane spray finish on the holder
  • I sprayed on 3 coats sanding lightly between each coat.
  • Use a paint brush to stop any runs spreading before the polyurethane drys
  • using the brush will save you lots of time on sanding.

Step 6: Add Some Candles & Light Them

  • I added some lavender scented tealights
  • The pink colour of the candles went well with the pink and purple colours through the wood.
  • I made a youtube video of the build process
  • Please subscribe and thumbs up!

If you like this video here is a link to my channel!Thanks for watching!

Step 7:

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