Introduction: Blade Msr Flybar Mod

This flybar mod will allow your blade msr to fly faster. But, there is a catch, you will gain speed and agility, but you will lose some stability. The helicopter will not try to return to a hover as quickly and as efficiently after you preform this mod. This mod is simple if you follow this instructable carefully. Please don't leave harsh comments, this is my first instructable.  

Step 1:

First you must remove the blade msr's main rotor head. To do this, you must pop off all fo the linkages connecting the main rotor head to the flybar. Only disconnect the flybar's end, leave the linkages attached to the main rotor head. After disconnecting the linkages, unscrew the screw under the main rotor assembly ( its the screw sticking out under the main rotors ) . Then remove the main rotor head from the main shaft, and put it to the side. 

Step 2:

This is what the msr head assembly should look like after completing step one. 

Step 3:

Now, you must remove all of the linkages connecting the msr's swashplate and the flybar. Only disconnect the linkages from the flybar, so the linkages remain connected to the swashplate. The flybar should just slide off the main shaft when removing it. 

Step 4:

Now, you must carefully cut the blade flybar paddles in half. Use a sharp razor blade, knife, saw, or cutters of some sort.You have to do your best to make symmetrical cuts so you have to do less balancing.   

Step 5:

This is what the msr flybar should look like after completing step five.

Step 6:

Now, you must balance the flybar. To balance the flybar you must put the linkages connected to the swashplate into their holders so they rest against the main shaft. Than you place the flybar on top of the linkages( which are now resting against the main shaft ) as shown below. 

Step 7:

If the flybar is unbalanced, get some sandpaper and sand the side that is heavier, until the flybar rests horizontally, as shown below. 
If the flybar is already balanced, skip to step eight.

Step 8:

Now that the flybar is balanced, slide it onto the main shaft and connect swashplate linkages to the flybar, as shown below. 

Step 9:

Now place the main rotor head onto the shaft, and screw it into position, by aligning up the screw hole in the main shaft with the screw hole below the mai rotors, on he main rotor setup. After that, connect the linkages on the main rotor head to the flybar, on the remaining ball connector set, as shown below. 

Step 10:

Be sure to check that all linkages and screws are secure before testing. Once you have checked everything and have gone over the instructable, you are ready to fly and enjoy the increased speed and agility. Also please leave comments on how it works, because I want to see the how many people had success in this mod, like I did. Have fun and good luck!

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