Blanket Fortress!

Introduction: Blanket Fortress!

 How to make a blanket fortress!

Step 1: Location, Location, Location.

 Where should you place a blanket fortress? Well the first requirement is space!
Make sure the area is clear and try to keep it out of foot traffic areas, just for convenience.

Some extras would be to place it near A: an entertainment center, and B: An Outlet. C and D are really just jokes.

Step 2: Ouch! Bare Floors!

Nobody likes to wake up after a slumber party with a crick in their neck from the cold hard floor. Cover the floors beneath your fort with cushions, pillows, sleeping bags or mattresses.

Step 3: Too Low!

This is step is optional, but I like to put an unplugged floor lamp, flag pole, or any other tall object with a base in the center of the fort to give a 'ceiling' that isn't only 3-4 feet tall. Try to put objects around the base of the pole. I like to put ankle weights from my exercise equipment wrapped around it. With mattresses, you can slip the pole in the middle with the base underneath the mattresses.

Step 4: Keeping the Ends Up

Place multiple chairs or couches around the perimeter of your fortress with their backs facing the middle of the fort. Later the blankets will be draped over these chairs. 

Step 5: Blankets Galore!

 Grab a bunch of lightweight blankets that won't easily topple your fort and use safety pins or duct tape to connect them into one giant blanket. Drape the blanket over the entire fort, chairs and optional entertainment set as well. 

Step 6: And... You're Done!

 The only thing I did not include in this picture was things to weigh down the blankets which you would put on the chairs and such. The notes show the locations. You would use maybe a bunch of books or similar heavy non-expensive things.

Enjoy your blanket fortress!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    As impressive as those images are, I'm sure it would have been far quicker to just build a fortress for real, and take photos as you go.

    (Oh, and a large TV like that, draped in a blanket, would be a distinct fire hazard.)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Well I am taking real pictures, haha. I just haven't had the chance to make it yet. Plus I kinda wanted to get an idea of what pictures I wanted to take 'cause it's my first instructable.
    As far as the TV, if you really think that it might be a fire hazard, then I suppose I could put something behind the TV, like a tall cardboard box that is taller than the TV and then drape the blanket over that. That way it has room to breathe.
    The TV is also an added extra, it's not necessary. ^^;


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent - don't replace these images, though, add to them.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    That's what the fire alarm is for ;) Though I think you might notice if your TV caught on fire while you're somewhat close to it...