Introduction: Blast From the Past Clothespin Sling

I just remembered this sling I used to play with when I was a kid and decided to share it with you

it is very simple to make and takes no time at all

  1. All you need is a piece of wood a 1X2 is enough I cut mine at 18" long
  2. Two nails
  3. A hammer
  4. Two wooden clothespins (we will destroy one of them)
  5. And a rubber band

Step 1: WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!

As with all sling toys, they are fun to play with as long as we don't use them on other people and property

So please be careful not use it on other people this include your siblings, neighbors, and strangers

Do not use it on animals

Do not use it on property cars, homes, fences etc....

And keep it away from your face when using it, the rubber band can snap

Step 2: Build It

Very easy to make

Nail one of the wooden clothespins on one end of the 1X2 through its metal coil

Put the other nail at the other end of the 1X2 and keep it sticking out a little bit, we will use it to hold the rubber band.

Dismantle the other wooden clothespin, throw away the wood and keep the metal coil

Put the rubber band through the coil, see the picture.

How to use it

Hold the metal coil with the fastened clothespin and attach the rubber band on the nail on the other end.

Release by squeezing the clothes pin.

Experiment with different size and length rubber bands to get the best distance

And remember don't use it on people, animals and property