Introduction: Blazin' Salsa

Intro of the project:Blazin' Salsawas designed to be more of a taco and dip salsa. But it also is a good salsa for more foods like poultry. Blazin' Salsa has a rich and complex flavor with a lot fo different ingredients that make every food with it tastier. I chose to do this project because I like to cook and I wanted to cook something that I haven't done, so I make salsa to learn a new skill.


-2 tomatoes

-5 green tomatoes

-2 jalapeños

-3 garlic teeth

-1/4 of an onion



- 500ml of water

-Olive oil spray

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Put all your ingredients and materials together, wash your kitchen tools, wash and disinfect the ingredients needed, and most importantly: WASH YOUR HANDS. When all of this is done, gather your materials together to not lose anything and follow the steps accordingly.

Step 2: Onion

In this step, with a knife, cut 1/4 of an onion on a plate. Then, with the 1/4 of onion you just cut, separate it in layers, just like in the image above. Be careful using the knife.

Step 3: Starting Cooking Your Ingredients

In this step, you will grab the onion layers and other ingredients and take them to a hot pan. Before putting the ingredients, put some olive oil spray in the hot pan and just a touch on the onion layers. Then, once the oil is a bit hot, put in the tomatoes, onion layers, and the peppers spread on the pan. Let them cook.

Step 4: Finishing Off the Cooking

After a while, when you see the ingredients cooked and charcoaled, it means your done. The cooking takes patience, its crucial that you cook them well enough, it takes around 10 to 20 minutes to get the ingredients the color of the image above. remember to cook every side of the ingredients. If necessary, hold the tomatoes or peppers with your tweezers, like the image above.

Step 5: The Jalapeño Step

After cooking the tomatoes and peppers, put them back on a plate. With a knife, cut the top parts of the jalapeño peppers, then cut them open. You will see a lot of seeds, remove the seeds and the jalapeño's veins with the knife and tweezers like shown in the images. Be careful with the knife and be patient.

Step 6: Blender Prep

Once you have you jalapeños set up, put all the cooked ingredients on a blender, add the 3 garlic teeth too. Once you have that in, add water until it reaches from the 500ml to the 800ml marks depending on how dense you want your sauce to be. Also, add cilantro on top and some salt to your taste, make sure it all fits. Important: Add water after the ingredients have been added to the blender NOT BEFORE.

Step 7: Blender Aftermath

After putting everything in, you are ready to blend. Start your blender and leave it a while so it mixes correctly. For security, hold the top of the blender. After the ingredients being blended, you have your salsa ready! It should look like in the image. Serve it where you please and enjoy! remember to keep on the fridge if you are not going to use it.

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