Bleeding Gum Prank Instructable!!!

Introduction: Bleeding Gum Prank Instructable!!!

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Follow these simple steps to prepare a funny prank for one of your friends. This will freak out just about anyone especially on Halloween, when they open a pack of gum, they'll find a little surprise inside.

Step 1: Trace Lenght and Width

Using a gum pack trace the length and width on to a piece of thin cardboard, Afterwards cut out the piece you will need

Step 2: FOLD to Make MOLD

Fold along the lines you marked to make a rectangular shape use tape to hold it together, Cut out a Small square that will fit the bottom and tape it on. Make sure not to leave any open spaces.

Step 3: Create a Small Cap

Make another mold this time smaller about a quarter of an inch in length slightly bigger than your first mold, as this will be used as the cap.

Step 4: Insert Mold Inside Pack of Gum

Take out the gum form inside the pack and insert your mold, it should fit perfectly, Pour some fake blood inside till full, Afterwards put the cap on and begin to restore the Gum Pack

Step 5: RESULTS (prank Completed)

On the pack of gum there's some sort of pull tap on the side, when that is pulled the pack begins to rip, when opening the cap will fall off, causing the blood to come gushing out all over their hand freaking them out, Making them go Crazy,
Have fun with this prank, Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Instructable by: Nextraker

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