Introduction: Bleeding Heart Cake

Whether you're anti-Valentine's or just prefer a gothic twist to your treats, this cake-decorating instructable will fit the bill. A gooey, gory dessert that will leave an impression on your guests and a well-sated smile on your lips.

You'll Need:

Red Velvet Cake Mix

Black Icing

Cherry Pie Filling

Heart-Shaped Pan (s)

A Small, Sharp (& Relatively New-Looking) Knife

Step 1: Cherry Pie Filling

Start by separating your cherry pie filling into two containers. One should contain all the cherries and the other almost all of the glaze.

Choose your serving plate and decorate it with messy globs of cherry glaze. Set this aside while you prepare the rest and by the time you're done the glaze should have congealed to the plate. You now have secured droplets of 'blood' that will not move, drip or get smeared.

Take the remaining pie filling (with the cherries) and blend until smooth, thick and brilliant red. Set aside.

Step 2: Cake Layers

Bake two thin layers of red velvet cake in one or two heart-shaped cake pans according to your preferred recipe.

Once cooled, place the first layer on your blood-splattered plate and cover with the thick red cherry sauce you set aside in the previous step. Let the excess run down the sides and pool on the plate - if you use too much you can clean up the look later on.

Add the second layer and carefully coat with black icing. Conversely you could ice it first and then carefully place it on top.

Step 3: Extra Decoration

Using a utensil or clean fingers, dig a ragged hole in the centre of your heart-shaped cake.

Next, fill the hole with a few spoonfuls of cherry sauce.

Lastly, take the remnants of both the cherry sauce and the cherry glaze and draw globs of them from the wound in the centre to drip down the sides.

Step 4: The Final Step

Serve with a sharp knife stabbed into the middle of the cake.

Yum. Maliciously delicious!

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