Bleeding Pumpkin Fountain

Introduction: Bleeding Pumpkin Fountain

When you see a illuminated pumpkin - this is normal for Halloween. But when you see it bleeds from the mouth and the eyes - that something different.

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Step 1: What I Have Used

1. Pumpkin- medium sized
2. A pan
3. 2.5Watt water pump
4. A piece of plastic box for a stand
5. 30cm hose
6. Some taps and spliters for the hose
7. Paint for Eastern eggs
8. 4 LEDs
9. 4.5volts adapter

Step 2: The Design

This design was perfect because i was thinking of something that will look good when wather goes between the teeth

Step 3: The Hoses

I have separated the water flow between the mouth and the eyes of the pumpkin with a tap so if i want the water will come only from the mouth. To make it come out of the mouth i've desided to fill the inside until it reaches the level of the mouth.

Step 4: The Test

It was time to test it with some water to make sure it works before adding paint. And it was working!!!

Step 5: Paint and Lightning

As it was workind as planned it was time for the paint. Red was the perfect choise for the LEDs because the pumpkin is supposed to be spooky. I needed 4 leds - 2 in the pumpkin and 2 in the water. They were going to be wet so when i've soldered the wires i've covered the them with silicon.

Step 6: Happy Halloween

There it is. Now not only that is illuminated but it bleeds as well!!!

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    11 years ago on Step 6

    This is cool. I think adding a misting unit would add to the effect.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    sounds good Do you know from where i can buy a cheep one. Maybe ebay?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I saw ones during Halloween (spooky caldrons) for about $20 and didn't think that was too bad a price. I suppose eBay would be a good thought as well.