Introduction: Blender Animation

This is a guide to making blender water animation. The whole project took me about 2 hours to make and 1 hour to render.


For this Project You will need a computer and blender which you can download here

Step 1: Adding Domain

First, you will need to add a shape to make a water domain by clicking shift + A.then going here

Step 2: Adding Inflow

Second, you will need to make a water inflow that is smaller and place it inside the previous shape.(Using Shift + A)

Step 3: Adding Texture

Third, you will need to make your material glass BSDF on the domain object and make the IQR 1.333 for a water-like texture.

Step 4:

Fourth, you will go to your domain object and bake your data and your mesh. From here you are done but you can add particles if you want and background for customization

Step 5: Final Result

Your final result should turn out something like this this