Introduction: Historical Building 3d Lamp Shade

I thought it would be nice to get some preview of the 3D lithophane design. So, I set out to try it out using blender. This instructable is intended to give a overview using simple cube on how to generate this animation. The STL file is attached below.

Step 1: Change From Blender Render to Cycle Render

Step 2: Delete the Existing Cube

Step 3: Create Another View

Move the mouse to the corner as shown and drag downwards. Another view will be generated

Step 4: Node Editor

Change the new view to the node editor

Step 5: Generate the New Model

Here, I am using a simple cube to represent the real model

Step 6: Add Material to Your Model

Locate the material icon as shown in the picture and add new materials by using the new button.

Step 7: Lithophane Model

The lithophane model is generated by adding the volume scatter and volume absorption. This allows the 3D model to have different light absorption and scattering properties when the 3d model is rendered. Both the volume scatter and absorption can be found under Add -> Shader. The final photo shows the nodes that are required.

Step 8: Adding the Light Source

When a new project is created, a light source is automatically added. Select the light source and click on the use nodes. Change the emission strength to 5000.

Step 9: Adding the Animation

Insert the starting keyframe using Animation -> Keyframes -> Insert -> Rotation. Select the last location where the animation should stop. Press r to rotate and z to constraint it to Z axis rotation. Rotate the cube 360 degrees and press i to insert another keyframe

Step 10: Changing the Model Color

Add a RGB node by Add -> Input -> RGB and connect it to the volume scatter and absorption. Select the colour you like and right click to insert keyframe. Repeat this process with different colours throughout the timeline.

Step 11: Select Render

Step 12: Animation

Click on the animation icon, you should see your cube spinning with different colours.

Step 13: The Lithophane Model File

Step 14: Demo

3D Printed Lamp Shade demo.

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