Introduction: Blender Modelling - Minecraft

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Hi guys, it's me again and I'm going to be teaching you how to model Minecraft themed objects in blender.


Reference images and background images helps you in modelling the objects in blender.

To load up a reference image:

You will see a small triangle with lines on the bottom left of the screen above the timeline. If you drag the triangle you will get multiple 3d views. Change the view to UV image editor. Click the open link on the bottom and select the image from your files to load up the image.

To load up a background image:

Background images can only be seen in orthographic view. To switch to orthographic view you have to press he number 5 on your keypad. I have some custom settings to change the views.

If you do not have a keyboard that has a number pad and you have enabled the emulate keypad settings there will be some settings you have to change for the views in the orthographic view to work.

I have given some images, which guide you to changing the settings.

You can also change the view by selecting the view button on top of the timeline and selecting your view.

So to load up a background image you have to go to the properties panel, which you can do by pressing the N key, scroll down and check the background image and add an image. Click open and choose the image, which you want to be displayed.

You can change the size and location of the image by depending on the size and location of your model.


I will be making videos because it will be hard for you guys if i post pictures and you get the point.

Step 1: Modelling

So in this instructable we are going to be modelling the following:

Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Axe

Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Bow and Arrow

Minecraft Shovel

Minecraft hoe

Minecraft Steve

NOTE : I had a really bad cold so I wasn't able to speak from the second video onwards. I am really sorry for this but I have explained some things that you have to use from the second video onwards in the first video.


Always adjust the size of the image and your mesh object and get it almost to the exact size.

After you finish modelling, you have to combine the individual mesh objects to form a new mesh object ( CONTROL + J ).

To make things easier separate the mesh objects that you have combined and put them into layers ( M + select the layer ) .

Color the mesh objects carefully and do not mix the colors. ( i keep making this mistake but change the blender render to CYCLES RENDER )

Position your camera and set the sampling to at least 100.

In the last video where I model Minecraft Steve, I use different techniques when I model the head.

I used CONTROL + R for a loop cut which brings in another line of edges.

I used C to select vertices, edges and faces easily.

To select everything in your scene you have to press A and press A again to deselect.

I'm really sorry if the the videos take a long time to load because they are long ones and they took up a lot of space. Please inform me if the videos are not working.

In the next modelling series i will be teaching you how to model the PS4, Macbook pro and many more.

Step 2: Assignment

Try and create the Minecraft objects that I have created.

I would like to see the images that you have created. So if you guys want to show me, you can post them on the comment box below.

If you want to clarify any doubts you can either post it on the comment box below or send a private message to me.

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