Introduction: Bling Splat Cell Phone Case

Do you have a boring clear phone case that you want to redesign? We have a cheap, fun and colorful solution to turn that lame looking case to something stylish and personal. This technique can work for any ages.

Learn how to renew a sad looking cell phone case or cover. You will be very happy with your work when you compare your Before and After case. Bling it up with a little SPLAT!

This was a collaborative project between two DIS 6th graders.

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  • Phone Case or Cover
  • Paint (water based recommended for easy clean up.)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Drop tarp.

Images in this Instructable do not show a drop tarp to protect work surface. Lesson learned! Highly recommended you use a drop tarp to protect work area from paint splatter and save you lots of time on clean up.

Step 2: Remove Phone From Case

Be sure to remove your phone from case before working.

Step 3: Prepare Work Space

It is recommend that you do this outdoors away from pavement and furniture. Sometimes your splatting gets out of control. Why? Because it is sooooo... much FUN!

No need to get paint where it does not belong. As mentioned earlier, use a drop cloth under your cell case to catch all the over splat!

Step 4: Pick Paint Colors

We used a rainbow of colors on our project. Choose the colors that best fit your personal style.

Step 5: First Color

Dip the paintbrush into the darkest colored paint.

Step 6: Flick It!

Flick your brush like you're playing tennis at an angle to splatter the paint on the phone case.

Step 7: More Color!

Move on to then next color in your spectrum. Remember to start with darker colors and graduate to brighter colors. Progressing from Dark to Bright will give the best visual effect.

Step 8: Repeat All Colors

Repeat the process through all the colors until you are satisfied.

Step 9: Let Dry

Once you are happy with your design. Let dry in sun for about 30 minutes or until dry.

Step 10: Replace Phone

After you are certain the paint is dry, place cover back onto the phone.

Step 11: Before and After

WoW! What a transformation!

You can use any kind of phone case for any type of phone. You can also use any type of paint. This product was made to bling up your plain old clear phone case. Hope you enjoyed this and tell your friends to check it out!

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