Introduction: Blingy Brooch Christmas Tree

My wife is attracted to many things bright and sparkly. And like a barracuda she honed in on and purchased a sparkly Christmas tree. So what better ornaments for this super metalic tree than some bling. Using some inexpensive glittered snowflake ornaments as a base, we added her collection of ornamental brooches (pins) to provide additional sparkle (as if it needed it). What the heck! The blingier, the better!

Step 1: Materials

Christmas tree (pre-lit eliminated a step for adding the lights)

ornament serving as a backdrop (I used plastic snowflakes)

ornamental brooches or jewelry of your liking (the bigger the better)

thin wire

wire cutters

a decorative tree skirt

long strings of jewelry (belts or necklaces)

tree topper (statement necklace & bracelet)

Step 2: Ornaments

Using approximately 6 inches of wire, we secured the brooch to the snowflake. The thinner the wire the better because you don't want it to be seen. You could also use thread or decorative ribbon I suppose.The snowflake created a canvas upon which the jewelry would be more visible. Without it, the jewels would be lost in the metalic sparkly tree. Then used the snowflake's own string to hang on the tree. Necklaces and jeweled belts added another dimension of garland-like decor.

Step 3: Tree Topper

Our tree topper makes use of two different pieces of jewelry. A yellow-bronze bracelet and a brilliant red necklace. My only advice here is to go as big and brilliant as you can for that eye-catching result.

Step 4: The Finishing Touch

Didn't surprise me my wife had this extraordinary gold sequined table runner and we used it for the tree skirt to finish the look.The overall result is a blinged-out tree that allows all visitors to enjoy her sparkly collection right into the holiday season.

-Merry Christmas!

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