Introduction: Blinking LED Using Arduino IDE

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Hi guys welcome to this instructable(which is also my first instructable)I hope you guys like this!!!

First of all get an arduino uno board.If you don't know about arduino then click here.This is the base of all projects.The first thing you need to learn is how to get an LED to blink.This explains it and in this you will also find the code which you can download.I would recommend knowing block programming first or having some experience with robotics before.So lets get started with the connections.


Here's all you need:

1)Arduino Uno and cable

2)Computer windows 7 and up

3)Led and resistor(Optional)


Step 1: Connection and Wiring

There is a diagram for the connections.Its up to you whether you want to use a resistor or not.If you don't want to put an LED it is okay.You can also use the Onboard LED connected on pin number 13.

Step 2: The Code

void setup() {
void loop() {