Blinking Multi-Color LED UFO Frisbee Disc




Introduction: Blinking Multi-Color LED UFO Frisbee Disc

Frisbee is a fun sport! Don't let darkness cut into your Frisbee playing time!

It's easy to add add some bright, blinking, multicolor LEDs to your favorite disc allowing you to play into the wee hours.

Parts Needed

  • Foam Frisbee Disc - foam is optional, but I've used heavy LED lit Frisbees before and they hurt!
  • 3 or 4 LEDs - I used the large 10MM LEDs from our Instructables LED Build Night and they worked great for this project, easy to fit in the Frisbee and easy to see from many angles.
  • Blink Me Circuit Board - this is optional as well, you could simply wire in the LEDs or create your own circuit, but I had one of these Blinkme circuit kits from tymkrs on hand and it fit the bill. Blinking LEDs are more fun for this project.
  • 9 volt battery
  • Wire - I used re-purposed garage door sensor wire
  • Zip-ties - optional, I used wire to hold the battery in, but zip-ties would have worked better had I had some.
  • Tape - I used black duct tape to encase the wiring, I think a neater solution might have been to glue parts of two foam Frisbees together, but I didn't have two to try

Tools Needed

  • Drill - and drill bit the size of your LEDs
  • Soldering iron and Solder
  • Helping hands - much easier to solder the BlinkMe this way.
  • Wirestripper
  • Dremel - optional for cutting slots for the battery and circuit board. You could use just the X-Acto knife.
  • X-Acto Knife

Step 1: Assemble the Blink Me LED Circuit Board

Blink Me - The Blink Me is a simple circuit which uses the magic of capacitors and transistors to create a dual LED flasher. There is an instructable which shows how easy it is to assemble the Blink Me, found here:

You can get more details about the Blink Me here:

You can buy a Blink Me here:

Important: I modified the Blink Me for this project. I did not solder the LEDs directly to the board, instead I soldered a short section of garage door / bell wire. Also on one side of the board I connected 2 LEDs in parallel to achieve the 3 LEDs I wanted for this project.

Step 2: Prepare the Frisbee Disc

  • Drill 3 evenly spaced holes for the LEDs - we used a protractor to help evenly space the LEDs for this Frisbee. With three LEDs we wanted a 360/3 = 120 degree angle between each LED
  • Dremel a spot for the battery and circuit board - the foam Frisbee I used was approximately 3/4' thick so I dug into the frisbee a bit to reduce the amount the battery sticks out of the bottom of the disc.
  • Poke holes for battery holder wire - I used more bell wire to hold the battery in place, if I had had a zip tie I would have used that.
  • Tape it up - lots of duct tape to hide all the wires and smooth out the bottom of the Frisbee disc.

Step 3: Play!

Here we are test driving the Blinking LED UFO Frisbee Disc - Fun!

Thanks for checking out this Instructable and good luck on all your projects!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I love playing catch with frisbees at night. Thanks for sharing this!


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    Thanks! you are sew right seamster