Blinking Signalisation

Introduction: Blinking Signalisation

The project I created aims to improve the signalling system for cyclists or even pedestrians at night. Indeed, thanks to this system, the latter will be able to walk more serenely at night without fear of not being spotted by vehicles.

My project is a flashing LED system (8 or more). Either without any particular shape or with an arrow shape, this system works thanks to an Arduino code ( which allows the led to light up. The system consists of two small "plates" that must be connected by a cable to a power source (such as a portable battery) in order to operate.

In order to operate, the cyclist or pedestrian will have to press one of the two switches, either to activate the flashing of the right LEDs or the left LEDs and press again to turn off one of the two sides.

As we already know, some systems such as fluorescent vests exist for cyclists or pedestrians but sometimes they only allow reduced visibility for vehicles that do not perceive them well or can confuse them with other things. Thanks to this system, pedestrians and cyclists will be more visible to motorists in addition to their fluorescent vests.

Step 1: The Material You Need

- 8-bit shift register ( 74HC595 )

- LED's ( x 8 )

- 220 ohm resistor ( x 8 )

- breadboard and an arduino

- connection wire

Step 2: The Circuit

1. Turning it on Make the following connections:

GND to ground

Vcc to 5VOE

to groundMR to 5V

This set up makes all of the output pins active and addressable all the time. The one flaw of this set up is that you end up with the lights turning on to their last state or something arbitrary every time you first power up the circuit before the program starts to run. You can get around this by controlling the MR and OE pins from your Arduino board too, but this way will work and leave you with more open pins.

Step 3: The Semi-Final Circuit

This is the schema of the circuit of the Arduino 8 Leds with all the wires connected but this is not still finished.

Step 4: The Final Circuit

There are some changes to the circuit. Indeed, the second section of the LEDs has been moved to divide them into two parts, one for the right turn signal and one for the left turn signal.

Step 5: A Little Video of the Final Circuit in Action

Step 6: Fixing the Circuit for Its Utilisation

The final circuit is then fixed on some clothes, here I choose a sport t-shirt for the example of some night jogger who would use it.

Step 7: Quick Video Showing the Utilisation of the System

Step 8: Final Video and Explanation of the System in Action

Step 9: Conclusion

My project serves to improve people's safety either on foot or by bicycle when they go for night walks. Indeed some people forget to put their vests fluorescent or not anymore on functional lights and this is what my project try to prevent because easy to install and set up it turns on easily and allows people on foot or by bike to be visible at night by motorists. So no more functional lamp problems on the bike or fluorescent yellow vest forget because by simply installing this system, people are visible in the dark.

Two things that could be improved on two points:
On the aesthetic level because it has no creative design On the level of the possibilities of circuits (for example the addition of a switch to control the LEDs)

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    4 years ago

    Wow... Dude, looks like you forgot about power supply unit))

    [you may use smth like powerbank, but...]

    Anyway, cyclist or pedestrian or anybody who'll wear it needs something that could not disassemble after a couple meters of walk, you know ;)

    So, I wish you to teach the soldering, find some box and come back when you'll be ready)

    Keep going, dude, don't stop - and you'll get it! ;)


    4 years ago

    Ce projet est exceptionnel et vraiment bien construit !! Le concept est simplement ingénieux et innovateur.

    Istrunctable tres bien fait!

    **ça merite un petit 100% ;)