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Introduction: Blinky Building Shape

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Have you ever wanted to include blinking lights to a project or toy? In this project I add x6 3mm LED's to plastic interlocking building blocks to incorporate more fun. STEM learning and engineering creations.

Below are product details:

Build yourself a palace of your own design; or an exact replica of your home. Build anything you want with the easy-to-use and colorful building blocks included in these assorted packs, which range from 8-28-ct. sizes. Perfect for the kids at home, day cares, school, giveaways, and more. Ages 6+.

Building Blocks


Plastic building shapes

3mm RGB leds x6

Soldering iron


Helping hands

Arduino or 3V - 5V battery source

Step 1: Add LED's to Plastic Shape

In this step you will add 3mm RGB LED's to the slit in one of the six petals of the shape.

The shorter leads of the LED will be arranged toward the center of the shape.

Repeat the two previous steps until all 6 LED's are inserted.

Step 2:

In this step I connect the cathode leads together in parallel, and the anode leads in parallel. One of the six LED's will remain open with its leads unconnected to another.

The 3mm leads will connect to power 3V to operate.

Step 3:

Place the plastic shape in a clamp or helping hands device.

After all the connections are made, clip excess wire with a wire cutter.

Always use eye protection.

Step 4: Test

Now you can freely build and add lighting to your designs.

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Step 5:

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