Introduction: Blizzard Mixed Berry Ice Cream From Snow

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We are in the middle of the Blizzard of 2016 on the East Coast. Stuck in the house, we decided there was no better time to take advantage of the elements. This is a very quick recipe for making delicious ice cream from snow.

Step 1: Brief Chemistry Lesson

Some tweaks to creating snow ice cream in favor of slowing down the melting of this yummy treat.

We made the following choices (or not):

  • No salt. Salt causes snow to melt faster by lowering the freezing point of water.
  • Everything including the bowls, spatula and measuring cups should be kept as close to 32 F (0 C), i.e. freezing, as possible. The colder, the better.
  • Use vanilla beans as opposed to vanilla extract. Vanilla extract contains alcohol which has a very low freezing point at approx. -170 F (-112 C).
  • Used sugar which did cause the snow to melt faster. We could have substituted stevia instead of sugar; but we like sugar!
  • Our daughter is taking introduction to chemistry next semester.....we will let the teacher explain all the equations!

Step 2: Ingredients

  • ½ cup Super Fine Sugar
  • 1 Vanilla Bean, Split and Scraped
  • 1 cup Half and Half
  • 8 cups Snow
  • 1 cup Mixed Frozen Berries, chopped (optional)
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Caramel topping (optional)

Step 3: Vanilla Bean

Carefully split vanilla bean pod in half lengthwise and scrape the vanilla beans from the pod. Our daughter really liked this step. Vanilla, mmmmmm!

Step 4: Infuse the Vanilla Into the Half and Half

Put small pot on stove and set to simmer. Pour half and half into pot. Place scraped vanilla bean resin into half and half. Simmer on low for half hour. Stir occasionally. Pour warm mixture into plastic container. Set outside in snow (or refrigerator) to cool down.

Step 5: Freeze the Equipment

While vanilla is being infused into the half and half, place the mixing bowl, utensils and measuring cup outside in the snow; a freezer would work great also.

Step 6: Collect Everything to Work Area

Wait a half hour or so. Gather vanilla infused half and half, mixing bowl, cups and utensils while outside. Make sure to scoop up lots of snow in another big bowl.

Step 7: Mix Ingredients

Working rather quickly, put half and half in mixing bowl.

Pour in sugar then start putting snow into bowl while mixing. The mixture can get rather stiff.

Add in frozen berries, sprinkles, caramel, chocolate etc., if you wish.

Step 8: Serve!

Spoon into bowls and eat! Yum! It is not hard to eat it all up. Besides, Blizzard Ice Cream does not keep at all in the freezer. This is surprisingly yummy, fun to make and a hit with our teenage daughter. She told all her friends about how to make Blizzard Ice Cream with Berries. Hopefully, the snow will disappear as fast as this treat!

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